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Office chairs

Dash Designed | Over 25 years of furniture experience in the family - we know quality better than most other apartment furniture providers.

About us

Dash Designed are proud to provide apartment living furniture solutions to your living room, dining room and bedroom.

Unlike generic home furniture like IKEA or Harvey Norman, we focus on modern, minamilistic furniture that suits the dimensions of your apartment spaces.

What we do

Dash Designed provide chic and modern apartment furniture which is compact and similar styled to expensive inner city furniture stores like Jardan or Coco Republic that everyone loves at an affordable price. 

Furniture Packages

Coming soon, Dash Designed will be providing industry leading all-in-one apartment furniture packages including new dining table, dining chairs, bar stools, bedside tables etc.

We also work with partners for your benefit to provide bed solutions fridges etc, so that with a click of a button, ideal apartment will be fully furnished.

Dash also can provide a moving company to make it a hassle free experience!


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